Welcome to The Preservation Mine!

This site was originally designed to SID preservation but as my preservation interests started to grow rapidly fast since the past 8 years, it was time to take it to the next level!
Preservation is hardly anything new to me. This started back in the days 1989 when I started to root myself into the so called "demoscene". Yeah at that time I wasn't really in a group, but the small town "local group of kids" who swapped tapes and floppies. I guess it was just "one of the things" computer nerds did. Nerdy as I was I started to collect games and was very fascinated by the intros, trainers, logos, and the special "dox" files that were attached to the games. That was something just as cool as to play the actual game. A typical complete game for me would be a game with an Intro, Loading Picture, Documentation and the actual game with a heavy trainer. This made my collections a bit different compared to my friends' collections. They were just in for the game and did not care about anything else. The time ticked by and at some point I got access to what was known as BBS and had the jolly time to sit in the mediatek at school and expand my needs, so to speak 🙂 This was when my interests took another dimension and I wanted to get to know how to write my own intros and music. I got hold of an assembler and well it took me a while until I had coded my very first intro!
So with this in mind and my connections grew I very soon started to establish myself in the demoscene.

From there to now
The years went by and most of my time was spent in front of the Commodore 64, Atari and PC. Yeah I didn't have an Amiga till years later. All this landed in my speciality, "SID Recordings". This had to do when emulators started to take place and profiled themself to be "exactly as good as SID 6581/8580". No I did not agree at all. I started to record heap of SIDs from the C-64 to audioformat. It took long time but it was so awesome to have the SID as "complete" as possible. At first I recorded straight to tape. In 2000 I started to collect as much information about composers as I could get. The goal was to key what kind of SID Model, SID Revision, Player ID and system a certain composer used.
It was quite a challenge to keep track of this. But I managed and that way without realizing I had started "SID Preservation".

The future
In 2010 I started to expand the preservation mine to not only focus on SID Preservation. Now, it was time to go back to where it all started at and dig up the old floppies and tapes to squeeze out minerals and find unreleased materials. I started to backup everything I possible had and also started to preserve lots of floppies I came across. Most were from local dealers and auctions. 2012 was the peak when starting to collaborate with other demosceners who had the same interests. Very fast I realized this were pretty unexplored areas. Sure we're speaking 30 plus years of Data History and you think "all must have been carved out long time ago". But this is where you're wrong!
In the deepest caves is where you find the finest gold, the trick is to find it, though and never give up the search for the unknown.

The Goldmine
When you hit that special cave you know it was worth it, worth all the heavy work, sleepless nights, databytes haunting you endless! That has and is the case for me too and all the time. So far I have discovered lots of "never seen before" releases and this journey is sure and far from over. This was also what my archaeological exploration has brought to and the keystone for mining this site. What you see here is a true preservation mine that finally has been open to public. Because we need more thirsty explorer who want to join us in this expedition.
Once again welcome to SID Preservation an open place with warm passion and respect in the journey of TRUE PRESERVATION and FINE DATA ARCHEOLOGIE!