The purpose of this tape analyse is to collect as much data from a corrupted tape to be able to eventually recover lost files or data for deeper analysis.
This process is the second stage analyse to get an overview of the kind of data on the tape.
Since the first process is to determine whether there signal is "Audio Waveforms" or "Data", the essential work is already done.

Tape Analysis I

At the beginning of this tape image we see there are some indications things are not 100%.
The error could be:
-Bad header
-Bad headalign
-Audiodamaged content

The next part is looking okay and here we can see a typical "lead" signal.Also we clearly see there is a CBM Kernal Loader. The signal is still looking good and steady. band0122cspel.tap_analysis_y=533
The signal looks great and we see a second Lead Signal.Again we know from previously analyse this is a CBM Kernal Loader. Perhaps "Turbo250"? band0122cspel.tap_analysis_y=3545
Oh no, this is no good. Out of the blue the signal is getting dealigned and starting to lose contoure. band0122cspel.tap_analysis_y=57858
Expert analysis from sampled audio tell us this is TurboTape Data.Sadly, corrupted and not available to recover. band0122cspel.tap_analysis_y=74560
Repeated all the way to the end, still no chances to recover this data. band0122cspel.tap_analysis_y=79949
At the end of the data too much noise. So in this case we only could scramble out a weak header, but no header.Still the tape is saved, all the data we have collected will be kept as capsuled data, for future analysis. band0122cspel.tap_analysis_y=203687

Even though we didn't managed to rescue this tape due various and most of all many different errors, the case could have been the opposite and the analyse process would have lead to find something unreleased or just been able to explore the tape and its content. This is where most people would give up and call it the day, throw the tape away and stop! But this is when I take things one step further. To a process where I air the tape, wash the tape, stretch the tape and prepare it for deeper analysis.
That process is very, very critical and requires lots of work and precise tools. I will pick this process apart and pinpoint each step in another part.
Best Regards,